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June 26, 1989 (1989-06-26)[1]
January 1, 1996 (1996-01-01)[2]
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Latitude — 28.4182663
Longitude — -81.5796
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Building Descriptions
Theme — Flight
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Delta Dreamflight opened on June 26, 1989 (1989 -06-26) replacing If You Could Fly. It used the same Omnimover vehicle but the story focused more on the history of aviation. The ride started out with guests in a 'pop-up' book and ways flight has been used. One part that is still used today is where guests go through an airplane turbo jet engine. Riders passed through scenes of barnstormers, an M-130, Tokyo and Paris in the 1930s, the jet age, and the future of air travel, and appeared to enter a working jet engine.[3]

Delta stopped sponsoring Dreamflight at the beginning of 1996 (1996) and the ride became Take Flight. Delta was said to have dropped the sponsorship to work more on its sponsorship of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. After Delta dropped the sponsorship, it was 'sponsored' by the Tomorrowland Metro-Retro Society.


[edit] Storyline

Guests would enter the building that had a queue that was designed to look like an airport terminal including the front nose of an Delta plane. Guests would then enter the main terminal gate that had posters of exotic destinations Delta flew to. The loading was similar to the Haunted Mansion with a moving floor matching the speed of the omnimovers

The first scene would have guests seeing a giant mural showing the golden era of aviation in America. The next scene had a giant pop-up book room including a hot air baloon and other flying inventions.

The next scene would have guests entering what would look like a giant field in the American mid-west during the 1920s. Guests would see bi-planes and barnstormers flying around of them.

The next scene was a large projection screen of film clips of stunt men standing on the wings of prop planes while performing stunts mid-air.

Guests would then move into a scene where commercial flights were starting. Guests would pass through elegant fuselages and visit some exotic places during the period.

A sign introduced guests to the Jet Age when a male voice notified guests to "please prepare for supersonic takeoff". A female voice then notified guests "Ladies and Gentlemen; your Dreamflight will depart immediatly for the future. Please prepare for supersonic takeoff". On guests left was a mural of a jetliner taking off.

The ride would then take a turn to the left where a giant spinning light, fogs and fans gave guests the feeling that they were entering a turbo jet engine. This included sounds of a jet engine spinning up and taking off. Next guests would see a projection of a jet plane taking off a runway.

Guests would finally enter the last room which showed clips of earth, flying above a canyon and finally a futuristic city with fireworks. Next guests would see a giant pop-up book again with Delta destinations and a projection of a Delta jet flying by.

The exit area included a Delta logo and more posters of destinations Delta flew to.

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[edit] References

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